What Are The Benefits Of Bosch Rangehood

Bosch are the industry leaders in home appliances. From the revolutionary Bosch induction cooktop to their cutting-edge dishwashers, it’s no doubt that they are the number-one experts when it comes to making our lives easier. So as to tackle the persistent problem of excessive steam and odors during cooking, Bosch has created an excellent set of rangehoods with the following benefits:

1. Fast extraction rate

This is the speed at which the Bosch rangehood eliminates unwanted smoke and other air pollutants. With the speedy extraction rate of Bosch rangehoods, you’re guaranteed to have optimum air quality during the entire cooking period.

2. Silent operations

Unlike low quality rangehoods that produce a lot of unwanted noise, Bosch appliances are ever silent and discreet in their operations. With the extremely low sound levels, you’ll even forget that the rangehood is there!

3. Excellent LED lighting

Bosch has included energy-efficient LED lights onto the lower surface of their rangehoods. This acts to improve the illumination of the cooking surface hence you won’t have to strain your eyes when preparing a late-night snack.

4. Fast automatic reset

Bosch range hoods have an excellent speed setting that automatically resets the hood to regular speed after about six minutes. This helps to save a significant amount of energy.

5. Wide variety

From wall-mounted rangehoods to slide-out rangehoods, Bosch has developed a great selection of appliances to suit every lifestyle. You’ll definitely get find the right type to meet your specific needs and budget.

Vishal Jasuja

Oct 19 2016
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I would like to say a big Thank You for the service received from Wayne in particular and the latest addition to your office team(I think her name is Josaline? Who started before Christmas...) Both the named individual's provided a great service and really represented your company well. I hope they will be acknowledged for their great work. We are very happy with our replacement fridge. Thanks to all those other individuals involved along the way." Best Regards

Rosie Donnelly

Dear Joanne, "Thank you very much for sending Wayne to us this morning – things are much quieter in the kitchen now!! Wayne may have told you that it was a tricky balance problem all along. Is really good to get it all sorted before we go away. Do hope that you have a very Happy and restful Easter – thought we just had Christmas!! Thanks again Joanne" Kind regards,


I was very happy with Keyur service, Keyur had done a thorough job


Dear Luxman and Arajan

Thank you for lending us your support in regards to your generous give away of a Bosch microwave. I would also like to thank you for your commitment in sponsoring the October 2016 event.

Your commitment to yourselves, your families and business using the skills from Mind Power and advanced training with John Kehoe has been exceptional. The results you consistently achieve and your generosity in ensuring your Able Appliances team benefit from the training is inspirational.

I look forward to working together and supporting each other for future events in New Zealand.

May 2017 see your visions of success arrive with ease and grace.

Don’t forget to be Awesome!

Robin Banks

To the amazing lady at customer service! Sorry your name escapes me but I want to thankyou so much for managing to get my front loader delivered before Easter! The machine washed the whole four days to get through the mountains of washing my young children made. I am very impressed by its cleaning power (shifted stains we thought were permanent).

Thankyou again for pulling all stops to get the machine to us!!!

Yours gratefully

Rebecca and family

Morning Joanne, My oven has arrived safely. Yay! Thanks you so much for all your help with deciding on which model to choose and fielding my endless phone calls. Great service all round.


Just talked to a wonderful person about servicing the dishwasher I wish there were more people like her in other service centres You have treasure you need to look after Richards

Richard Kensington

I just wanted to write and say thankyou for the prompt and professional service you have provided to us this week, which has removed a major source of pre Xmas stress for us.

We dealt with Janice and Joanne in the office, and Gordon and Luckmas (not sure re spelling) as technicians, and all were helpful, polite, prompt and most importantly fixed the problem!

Nicky Ryan & John Dixon

I just wanted to say thanks so much for organising the Able people to come and install the new hinges. The oven is much more user friendly now that the door shuts again!

Angela Mount

Thank you for your proof of purchase, that’s fantastic. I will give you a call once the parts have arrived in to organise a technician to go and fit them in your oven.

Joanne Lusty

Peter and I would like to extend a big "thank you" to all the people who supplied goods and services to build our beautiful new home.

There were a number of difficulties along the way (I guess one should expect these with a "grand designs" house!!) but we got there in the end, and the house looks fabulous. The feedback from everyone who has seen the end result, and from around the neighbourhood, is very positive. And of course, we could not have achieved this without all of you people - with special thanks to our primo builders.

I had thought about holding an "open to view" hour or so for anyone to call in who had contributed, however after speaking with various people about this, timing and busyness seemed to be an issue, so I discarded this idea. Instead, I have attached a few photos so you can see the finished product .. and .. Should anyone that has worked on the project like to have a look through we're happy to do this when you're in the area - though we would appreciate a phone call though just to check we're in / it's convenient (usually late afternoon is best). Please extend this option, and our thanks to anyone in your organisation that actually did the work on site - I don't have an email address for many of these people.

We are now about to start landscaping, and will be expecting the kitset Balinese Cottages (going on the back of the site) in May. So still a little way to go, but nice being in a house after 4 years.

Thank you again

Peter & Gail

I just wanted to say how happy I am with my new washing machine- absolutely love it ! the clothes in fact come out almost dry and I don't think I'll need a dryer after all.

Also excellent delivery and installation from Tack so please thank him too.


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