International Speaker & Mind Power Expert - Robin

15 November 2016  
Dear Luxman and Arajan

Thank you for lending us your support in regards to your generous give away of a Bosch microwave.  I would also like to thank you for your commitment in sponsoring the October 2016 event.  
Your commitment to yourselves, your families and business using the skills from Mind Power and advanced training with John Kehoe has been exceptional. The results you consistently achieve and your generosity in ensuring your Able Appliances team benefit from the training is inspirational.  
I look forward to working together and supporting each other for future events in New Zealand.
May 2017 see your visions of success arrive with ease and grace.  

Don’t forget to be Awesome!
Robin Banks

International Speaker & Mind Power Expert - Robin

"I would like to say a big Thank You for the service received from Wayne in particular and the latest addition to your office team(I think her name is Josaline? Who started before Christmas...)

 Both the named individual's provided a great service and really represented your company well. I hope they will be acknowledged for their great work.

 We are very happy with our replacement fridge.

 Thanks to all those other individuals involved along the way."

 Best Regards

 Rosie Donnelly


Dear Joanne,

"Thank you very much for sending Wayne to us this morning – things are much quieter in the kitchen now!!  Wayne may have told you that it was a tricky  balance problem all along.  Is really good to get it all sorted before we go away.

Do hope that you have a very Happy and restful Easter – thought we just had Christmas!! 

Thanks again Joanne"

Kind regards,



"I was very happy with Keyur service,  Keyur had done a thorough job"



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