Help Us Help You!

Follow these simple steps to help us help you to the best of our abilities.

Know your Appliance

Learn how your appliance works. A good place to start could be reading the manual. Often problems are caused simply by not knowing
how an appliance works, or how it should be cared for.


Take good care of your Appliance

Keeping your appliance in a clean and well maintained condition will reduce the likeliness of any problems occurring. Once again your
owner’s manual is a good reference for how to care for your appliance.


Find your Appliance Serial and Model numbers

Supplying us with the correct serial and model numbers of your appliance allows us to be better prepared to fix your appliance. Contact your
 appliances manufacturer for details on how to find these numbers.


Provide us with detailed symptoms

Giving us a detailed description of exactly what your appliance is or is not doing can help us to diagnose the fault, sometimes even prior to
inspecting the appliance. If your appliance is displaying an error code, this can be especially useful.


Make yourself available for a 2 hour period

If it is possible, being available at the location of the faulty appliance for a 2 hour period allows us to account for any delays and unforeseen
circumstances. If you work nearby, we can give you a call when we are getting close to arriving.


Make your appliance accessible

Making sure the appliance is easily accessible prior to our arrival will make our job a lot easier. Also make sure that the appliance and the
area around it is clean. Removing dust build up from behind and around your appliance makes our job easier and also reduces the likeliness
of another fault occurring. Keeping pets outside or locked up will avoid any injuries occurring to them while the appliance is being repaired.


Make yourself accessible

Providing us with a phone number that we can contact you on during the day will allow us to let you know if we are delayed or if we are having
any problems with the repair of your appliance.